Workspace Accessories

Laptop Stand

This laptop stand with the open back design offers the best ventilation and airflow needed to cool either your notebook or gaming laptop and preventing it from Overheating. And the rubber pads and aluminum alloy acts as a thermal pad to take the heat of too.

Massage Gun

A high-frequency massage gun is used to relieve muscle stiffness and soreness, promote blood and lymph circulation. It can accelerate recovery after long hours of work and workouts. For personal or self-use, it is a physical therapy gun, which can improve the overall health of the body

Portable Desk Pro

Our portable desk pro designed to raise, angle, and support your laptop in a variety of situations. These days, your office can be anywhere you prefer: your bedroom, the kitchen, your parent’s house — and the list goes on and on. The ergonomic benefits of the desk are enormous, by just a small adjustment for a comfortable viewing position you can reduce eye, neck, and shoulder strain.

Screen Hanging USB Lamp

With just one touch you can switch the color temperature from white light that gives you clear lighting for efficient office work to mixed light for easy reading or warm light for a comfortable view.

Smart Backpack LT-1

The large packing compartment and the smartly designed pockets make the backpack productive and let you bring it all along for the ride, USB charge port, sunglasses pocket, organizational compartments with inner zipped pocket, water bottle pocket, and insulated cooler pockets, and more