About Chalkout

Chalkout.in is a useful resource that empowers you to buy your product faster and better without perplexing yourself from the comfort of your own home. 

We are a group of passionate Bloggers who study, review and survey overall parameters surrounding a product for you to address your issues and simplify window shopping.

For us, your painful time and money is extremely important. So, we thrive to simplify and cut the process of all the noise and misinformation online and the painstaking time consuming process of squaring down to the best product. 

“Strategy without a proper channel is a short cut to victory;
 Such victory only leads to a defeat in the long run.”

Chalkout Team


Our goal is to be the most customer centric website. Our mission is to constantly increase our research and database to assist you to discover more number of products and to provide the most precise information and reviews.


Our vision is to be the internet’s maximum purchaser centric website to construct a place wherein buyers can visit our pages and straightaway buy their desired product.